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IHRS BioSoft Symposium 2014

On November 6th, the first IHRS BioSoft Symposium was organized by the IHRS BioSoft fellows Melanie Balbach, Gloria Fabris, Guglielmo Saggiorato, and Sabyasachi Dasgupta. The symposium on "Biophysical techniques to understand life at different scales" encompassed talks by Aurelien Roux, Jochen Guck, Pascal Silberzan, Thierry Mora, Pierre-Francois Lenne, and Lars Hufnagel. More than 100 participants with different nationalities followed the talks and participated in a poster session.

IHRS-BioSoft Symposium 2014Copyright: Jens Elgeti

IHRS-BioSoft Symposium 2014 - organizersCopyright: Jens Elgeti

IHRS-BioSoft Symposium 2014 - audienceCopyright: Jens Elgeti