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International Helmholtz Research School
of Biophysics and Soft Matter

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The curriculum is designed to provide students with an excellent background in physics, chemistry, and biology. In general, we offer more than 40 hours of lectures per semester plus special advanced courses and transferable skills courses.

1st year: introductory lectures, student's seminar
2nd year: advanced seminar, advanced lab course, student's seminar
3rd year: advanced lecture or advanced lab course, student's seminar




Obligatory for all PhD students in every semester (where provided):
- introductory and advanced lectures
- student's seminars
- transferable skills courses

Additionally all PhD students should participate in 2-3 advanced laboratory courses or advanced seminars over a period of 3 years. Student participation in each course must be discussed beforehand with the relevant supervisor!

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Student's Seminar

Statistical Mechanics I

Advanced Presentation Skills

Career and Leadership Development