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Guest Student Programme 2017

The application for the Guest Student Programme 2017 is closed. If you send a short email to, we will notify you in winter 2017/2018 when the application for the IHRS BioSoft Guest Student Programme 2018 is open.

The IHRS BioSoft offers a guest student programme for Master students in biology, chemistry, and physics and related subjects. (In exceptional cases, also Bachelor students towards the end of their studies and students that have recently finished their Master studies can be accepted as guest students.) The guest students will mainly work on a project with one of our PhD students or with a more advanced scientist from July 29 to September 29, 2017. In addition, they will participate in an accompanying course program that includes lab courses and seminars in other IHRS BioSoft groups.
Applicants should be interested in interdisciplinary research, even if their research project will most probably be within one discipline. Further information about the research of our groups can be found here.

  • Institutes that are particularly interesting for biologists are "Molecular Biophysics", "Cellular Biophysics", "Bioelectronics", "Molecular Sensory Systems", "Biomechanics", "Structural Biochemistry", "Neurobiology", "Biophysics (Aachen)", "Biophysics (Cologne)".
  • Institutes that are particularly interesting for chemists are "Molecular Biophysics", "Soft Condensed Matter", "Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics", "Molecular Sensory Systems", "Molecular Physical Chemistry", "Physical Chemistry", and "Structural Biochemistry", "Biophysics (Cologne)", and "Physical Chemistry of Complex Fluids".
  • Institutes that are particularly interesting for physicists are "Soft Condensed Matter", "Physics of Soft Matter", "Neutron Scattering", "Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics", "Bioelectronics", "Biomechanics", and "Physical Chemistry", "Biophysics (Aachen)", and "Biophysics (Cologne)".

To apply, please submit

  • your CV,
  • your high-school certificate,
  • your BSc certificate and transcripts
    (if not available, a list of courses attended including marks),
  • your proof of student status for summer 2017
    (if not yet available, for winter 2016/2017),
  • your motivation letter (no longer than one page),
  • contact data of your BSc advisor or an university professor that we can ask for a recommendation letter
  • and  our application form (doc, 124 kB)
    (this information is needed by our administration and will not be forwarded to the groups that finally decide about admission)

preferably by email to If your certificates and transcripts are not written in English, German, or French, please submit a translation to English or German. There is no need for an official translation in case you also submit a scan of the original document. We recommend that you submit your CV and your motivation letter in English language.
We will provide financial support that covers accommodation costs and living expenses; a small number of travel grants is also available. Students that have applied or would like to apply for third-party funding and are interested in supervision are welcome to apply as well (~500 Euro per month for accommodation and ~300 Euro per month for additional living costs are required).
We expect students that visit groups located at the Forschungszentrum to reside in Jülich for the entire period of the programme. We will provide assistance in finding accommodation and will reserve rooms at our guest house. We regret that we cannot accept applications from students from the universities in Aachen, Cologne, and Düsseldorf for an IHRS-BioSoft group located at their university.
Admission deadline: March 31, 2017

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