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First-hand information on techniques and methods


The aim of Labs! events is to enable you to gain insights into techniques and methods. You will have opportunities to get authentic information on facilities and devices in a variety of research areas. Short talks provide information for specific aspects, lab visits allow you to see specific equipment, and lab courses provide hands-on information on methods. In addition to performing research, it is important to communicate it to other scientists and to the public. Some Labs! events will address dissemination.


Labs! events will take place in various locations at partner organisations. They usually combine a presentation or a lab visit with time for discussions. Typically small numbers of participants ensure ample discussion and networking opportunities. Furthermore, the informal atmosphere facilitates networking with other participants. The events range from lunch seminars and short lab visits to both, short and long, lab courses. Labs! seminars are open to all interested colleagues from partner institutions, but online registration is mandatory. Participation will be confirmed suject to the availability of free places.

Additional Information

You are invited!

All interested colleagues are invited to take part in Labs! events and in many other IHRS BioSoft offers, although fellows will be given priority. For most courses, lectures, and seminars, you can also obtain a participation certificate.